Approximately how long will it take to resolve my claim?

Given the unpredictable nature of opponents’ behavior during negotiations or litigation, it is difficult to gauge how long it may take to resolve an issue, even those which may involve clear liability. We understand that no client wants to be consumed with their claims longer than necessary, so we make every effort to resolve their claims as expeditiously as possible without compromising the quality of the work performed.

Can I represent myself without the assistance of an attorney?

Every client has the right to engage in a matter without a lawyer’s assistance. However, the negotiation and litigation of claims within our primary practice areas can be a complicated and unforgiving process without the guidance, support and assistance of an attorney. We work with our clients to ensure that their personal thoughts and insight are integrated into the course of the representation to achieve the best results possible.

How much does the representation cost?

The rate for representation is determined on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the fees charged are reasonable based on the scope of work to be performed.

How often will I be informed of the progress regarding my case or issue?

We make sure that our clients are always well aware of the status of their matters, whether it is a change in strategy for litigation or negotiations, projection of expenses associated with the representation or developments in the law which may have an impact on future actions taken in your case.

What kind of approach will you take to resolve the matter - aggressive and unyielding, or will you be more inclined to reach a reasonable settlement?

Our experience has taught us that client’s claims are taken most seriously when the opponents know that we have the skill to be successful at an arbitration, trial, or on appeal. While there may be instances where settlement is appropriate, we handle every matter anticipating the best and preparing for the worst.

We recognize that time is of the essence in pursuing the issues and claims of our clients and are committed to giving each matter the time and attention it deserves.