Practice Areas

Medical Negligence

All too often, physicians fail to appreciate that medicine, at its very core, is an uncertain science. Unfortunately, as a result the quality of care given suffers and can lead to serious injury and in some instances death. From cases involving nursing home neglect to severe brain injury, we have substantial experience in exposing errors in physician judgment and effectively litigating medical negligence and wrongful death claims before state and federal courts. We have obtained multiple six- and seven-figure settlements on behalf of our clients against a number of individual physicians, specialists, and hospitals including Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, University of Maryland Medical Center, Transcare Corporation, and Fayette Square Nursing Home.

Employment Law

Safeguarding the rights of employees is an ongoing struggle, regardless of the size of the employer.  Determined to sustain fairness in the workplace, we have successfully represented employees before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and routinely litigate cases in state and federal courts involving employment discrimination, sexual harassment, failure to pay wages, and wrongful termination. Employers whom we have successfully held accountable for violating their employee’s rights include Amazon, AMTRAK, Lowe’s, Ward Trucking Company, and the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Products Liability

We represent clients in cases brought against manufacturers, distributors and sellers involving consumer products and pharmaceutical drugs, which have caused harm due to their inadequate labeling, flawed design or failure to function as contemplated by the end user. In 2008, our firm was co-counsel for plaintiffs in the first case to establish a causative link between deadly cardiac arrhythmias and Remicade, a biological drug manufactured by Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Centocor Ortho Biotech.

Premises Liability

When the general public patronizes amusement parks, hotels, malls, and other similar establishments open to the public, they are owed a duty by the respective owners to ensure that their experience is what the patron expects upon their arrival. When this duty is breached by the harmful acts of overly-aggressive security guards, flawed premises construction, or other unruly patrons, we hold the owners accountable for the injury caused by these avoidable instances of oversight.

Business Consulting

With the increased globalization of the corporate climate, our firm recognizes that businesses of all sizes in any industry need legal counsel that can pay attention to the details and readily adapt to the ever-changing competitive landscape. Armed with an appreciation for the financial concerns of our corporate clients, our attorneys are involved in structuring complex acquisition and lease agreements for commercial real estate transactions and advise companies in business formation, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and other transactional matters.

Entertainment Law

We understand that creative artists and athletes value the irreplaceable commodity of time, and we appreciate their view of how necessary it is to spend it on honing their skill and talent without distractions. We provide representation that is catered to the unique specifications and requests of our clients to meet their needs at their respective stages of their careers. Our services for creative artists, athletes, and entertainers include contract negotiations, settlement of labor & wage disputes, estate & wealth planning, and criminal defense representation.

We recognize that time is of the essence in pursuing the issues and claims of our clients and are committed to giving each matter the time and attention it deserves.